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Award Categories

The Post Wellingtonian of the Year Awards honour individuals making significant contributions to the Wellington region across ten categories:

Wellington is the cultural capital of New Zealand, a deserved title, but who do you know within the arts sector that is helping us to grow that reputation nationally and internationally.

The business category celebrates the terrific businesses based here in Wellington, large and small. They're committed to Wellington, critical to our economy, and often have inspiring and entrepreneurial leaders driving their success.

Help us to honour individuals who make an important contribution within the Wellington community. The community service category celebrates our unsung heroes, those who often work tirelessly behind the scenes, and fulfil crucial community functions.

The education sector makes a huge contribution to Wellington, from preschool right through to tertiary and beyond. Let's celebrate those individuals who may have made education their life's mission in the education category. 

The environment category is the newest category, reflecting the increasing importance and focus on this area, not only by government and but also by individuals and households. We need to now recognise those leading the way across greater Wellington.

The heritage category is for individuals who through their commitment and dedication care for the conservation, preservation and protection of heritage places and stories so that others can appreciate them today and in the future.

Public service plays a significant role in the Wellington economy, with many great things happening at both local and national government levels, and many hugely committed individuals at the forefront of developments.

The science and technology category lets us recognise the intellectual capital of Wellingtonians, and nowhere does this shine more than in science and technology.

As Wellingtonians, we're renowned for supporting our teams...for better or for worse. The s category seeks to celebrate those involved in sport in any capacity, as a player, official or even volunteer

Our youth of today will, and are, shaping the Wellington of tomorrow - who do you know that is shining beyond their years. Youth category nominees should be aged under 25 years.

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